(SPECIAL EXTRA-LONG, CHRISTMAS EPISODE!) First up a fantastic christmas vs. Depeche Mode mashup by DJ Tabernacle called "Enjoy the Silent Night" from a 35 track free christmas sampler from Michigan's Suburban Sprawl records. Download the whole glorious thing here. Next the UK's The Late Greats did a version of probably my favorite xmas song "Sleigh Ride" from another great new compilation called It's Not Like Christmas (iTunes). Then from TSiMH favorite, Sweden's Jens Lekman did "Run Away with Me" from his extremely limited release USA October 2005 tour EP. Next novelty songster Bob Rivers did a great parody of The Carpenters rendition of 'Sleigh Ride' called "Flu Ride" from his album Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire (iTunes, Amazon). Then the UK's Holly Golightly did "Christmas Tree On Fire" from her new EP by the same name (iTunes). Next Ingo Star Cruiser (feat. Gaby Fröden) did a quality cover of another of my favorite xmas songs, Low's "Just Like Christmas" this version found on the afore mentioned It's Not Like Christmas (iTunes). Then another TSiMH favorite, DJ Rx did "Happy RxMas and a Whole Lotta Love" from his free totally awesome album thepartyparty, which you used to be able to download for free from his site, or buy in physical form, which I hope you did. And finally, yet another TSiMH favorite, Belle & Sebastian did "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" which can be found on their single for it in eMusic.