(LAST NORMAL EPISODE OF THE YEAR!) First up New York City-based Asobi Seksu (a name that is Japanese slang for 'playful sex') did "New Years" from their fantastic album Citrus (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon). Then a flash-back from last year this time, New York City's Nellie McKay's new album Pretty Little Head (iTunes, Amazon) is FINALLY out having been back-burnered for a year, and we heard "Food" from it. Next we heard a great Eugene Chadbourne cover by TSiMH favorite Luna called "Happy New Year" from their recent covers collection Lunafied (iTunes). And finally we heard a couple of tracks from the forthcoming, totally awesome album from Portland's The Shins called Wincing the Night Away (iTunes, Amazon). First we heard "Australia" followed by "Phantom Limb", the ladder being the first single (iTunes, Amazon) which is available now.