First up Brooklyn's not-terribly-original-but-pretty-good-nevertheless Stellastar* did "Stay Entertained" from their new album Harmonies for the Haunted (iTunes, Amazon, Other Music). Next Sweden's Future Bible Heros aka Suburban Kids with Biblical Names did two cuts from their new album #3 (import online). First "Funeral Face" (which was also on their last EP #2) then "Noodles". Next was Montreal's young'ns The Sunday Sinners with "A Sinner's Prayer" from their new Demo EP (Contaminated Records sells it). And finally the one-man-music-machine that is Ontario's Matthew Adam Hart's The Russian Futurists with "Our Pen's Out of Ink" from this years' album Our Thickness (Amazon, Other Music).This week's episode has a clip from Air America Radio's The Majority Report with Janeane Garofalo and Sam Seder featuring Patton Oswalt.