husky rescueFirst up, Sweden's awesome The Shout Out Louds with "A Track and a Train" from their recently released in the U.S. Howl Howl Gaff Gaff (iTunes, Amazon, Other Music). Next was a song I just can't hear enough from Sounds in My Head favorites The Essex Green called "By the Sea" from their 2003 album The Long Goodbye (iTunes, Amazon, Other Music). Next was Argentina's Juana Molina with "Amigo" from her only-available-at-live-shows album Juana Molina OO Alejandro Franov (sorry, there's no link to buy, but you can check out her album Segundo at Amazon). Then Koufax did "Isabelle" from their most recent album Hard Times Are in Fashion (iTunes, Amazon). And finally another favorite band of mine of recent time, Helsinki's Husky Rescue did "Rainbow Flows" from their recent album Country Falls (iTunes, Amazon, Other Music). This episode features of clip from Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman and Jaun Gonzalez with a description of how disruptive Bush's presence was during his recent, failed trip Argentina.