(SPECIAL EXTRA-LONG CHRISTMAS MUSIC EPISODE) First up New York City's I Am the World Trade Center with "The Rockefeller Tree" from the Christmas Two compilation from indie-label Kindercore (Amazon). Then the UK's Joy Zipper did "Christmas Song" from their recent album American Whip (iTunes, Amazon, SoundFix). Then sibling duo Blondfire did "Underneath the Mistletoe" from their brand new Holiday EP which was released exclusively through iTunes. Next was Boston's twee-goodness The Specific Heats with "Winter Fashions" from the Total Gaylord Records compilation Christmas Twee (online store). Then the increasingly ubiquitous Sufjan Stevens did "Put the Lights On the Tree" which can be downloaded along with 23 other xmas songs, for free, from here. Next was Michigan's Wally Pleasant with "Merry Christmas Time Again" from his essential album Welcome to Pleasantville (online store). Then we heard Rudolph & the Gang with "Here Comes Fatty Claus" a song you probably haven't heard on NPR or anywhere else where John Waters has been interviewed talking about the recently released John Waters Christmas album (iTunes, Amazon). Next was the best Tom Waits cover I know of, The New Pornographers' Neko Case doing "Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis" from the Tom Waits tribute album: New Coat of Paint: Songs of Tom Waits (iTunes, Amazon). Then we heard a clip of French/Norwegian husband and wife duo from Brooklyn Mi And L'au's and "Christmas Soul" from their self-titled album (iTunes, Amazon, SoundFix). And we finished up this special extra-long episode with another Blondfire song, from the same new EP (iTunes), "It's Been Christmas Here" is my favorite new xmas song of the year. This week's episode has 2 clips from The Daily Show with John Stewart you can see the full clips at One Good Move, here and here. Need more great xmas music? Links to last year's three xmas episodes:
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