First up the UK's Sing-Sing with the exceptionally unfitting (given the weather where I live) "Feels Like Summer" from their 2004 album The Joy of Sing-Sing (iTunes, Amazon). "Feels Like Summer" was actually released in 2000 as a single. It sounds like an awesome Saint Etienne song, but isn't. Then Baltimore's Page France did "Chariot" from their new (and second of the year) album Hello, Dear Wind (Amazon). Next Brooklyn's Musical Ambassadors of Love They Might Be Giants offered up a few short songs from their new Venue Songs CD/DVD release (order online). First "Columbia," then "Asheville," followed by "Los Angeles." And finally The American Analog Set offers up "Born on the Cusp" from their most recent album Set Free (iTunes, Amazon, Other Music). This week's episode has three clips from They Might Be Giants' DVD included with their Venue Songs CD featuring author John Hodgman.