First up, a new and exciting act out of New York City, The Affair, with their song "Honey" from the Vice Records 7" single Seven Inch Lovers vol. 2 (INsound). They'll probably have an album or an EP or something coming out soon. In the meantime you can download some great songs from their website. If you like "Honey," check out "Fashion Victim." Then the UK's soon-to-be-ex-band Gene did "Sleep Well Tonight" from their 1995 album Olympian (Amazon). Then another UK act, Nu Generation, remixed the classic Fontella Bass song "Rescue Me" into their danceable tune "In Your Arms (Rescue Me)" from their EP by the same name (Amazon). And lastly we heard Deerhoof with "Milking" from their latest album Milk Man (iTunes, Amazon, Other Music). This site has a bunch of downloadable Deerhoof mp3s.