le tigre stop bush outfits(SPECIAL ELECTION EPISODE!) First up the always great, always political New York City band Le Tigre with their song "Viz" from their new album This Island (iTunes, Amazon, Other Music). Then Seattle's The Long Winters did "The Commander Thinks Aloud" which can be found on the Future Soundtrack for America (iTunes, Amazon, McSweeney's with Book). one fingered victory saluteNext was indie artist Ian Rhett did "(Didn't Know I was) UnAmerican" which is a free download, and best when listened to while viewing the accompanying flash movie video (his site). And lastly Brooklyn's brilliant Piñataland do an updated version of "Little Know Ye Who's Comin'" for 2004 (formally John Quincy Adams' 1824 campaign song) which is a free download from their site. If you like The Decemberists (iTunes), you should really check out Piñataland and vice versa. (At the end of the show, there's a bonus Le Tigre song, "New Kicks", also from their new album This Island.)