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(SPECIAL EXTRA-LONG, AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND EPISODE!) First up, Melbourne's Architecture in Helsinki have a new album out called Places Like This (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon) and the best song on that album is "Heart it Races" which they released as a single, and on that single (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon) are several covers of the song, including the one we heard by Philidelphia's Dr Dog. Next two songs from New Zealand's comedic Flight of the Conchords' awesome HBO series by the same name, we heard "If That's What You're Into" and "Beautiful Girl" (iTunes). Then Western Australia's indie folk band The Waifs did "The Waitress" from their album Sink or Swim (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon). Next Sydney's 90's era Spdfgh did "Swingsong" from their 1995 Grassroots EP (Amazon). Next Melbourne's young indie pop guru Julian Nation did "Press Gang Kids" from his debut We Are All Writers (order online). Next TSiMH favorites Aukland's The Brunettes did "If You Were Alien" from their recent Structure & Cosmetics (iTunes, Amazon). Then Brisbane's pop/punk The Grates did "Science is Golden" from their debut album Gravity Won't Get You High (iTunes, Amazon). Next Australian country-folk hero Slim Dusty did "Click Go the Shears" which can be found on his album Australian Traditional Collection (Amazon). Then Melbourne's Sally Seltman (a sometimes guitarist for Spdfg) aka New Buffalo did "Emotional Champ" from her brand new record Somewhere, Anywhere (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon). Next Sydney's jazz parody master Frank Bennett did a cover of Depeche Mode's "Everything Counts" from his 1998 album Cash Landing (Amazon). Hearing Frank Bennett made me have to play the prolific American follow up, Richard Cheese with a cover of Coldplay's "Yellow" and The Clash's "Rock the Casbah" both from his 2004 I'd Like a Virgin (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon). And finally 50's/60's era pop musician Jimmie Rodgers did a cover of the traditional Australian tune "Waltzing Matilda" which you can get on The Best of Jimmie Rodgers (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon). This episode features clips from comedians Todd Barry (iTunes) and Bill Hicks (iTunes) discussing Australia, as well as clips from various episodes of HBO's The Flight of the Conchords.
First up Los Angeles' Rilo Kiley have a new album called Under the Blacklight (iTunes, Amazon) from which we heard "Silver Lining" which had to grow on me, but ended up being my favorite song on the record. Next Amsterdam's Alamo Race Track did a song (that reminds me of Ideal Free Distribution) called "Kiss Me Bar" followed by the title-track from their album Black Cat John Brown (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon). Then Baltimore's "absurdist electronic music composer/performer" Dan Deacon did "The Crystal Cat" from his most recent release Spiderman of the Rings (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon). Next "the thinking person's Lilly Allen" (as listener Sam described her to me) aka Britain's Kate Nash did "We Get On" from her debut album Made of Bricks (Amazon). And finally Canada's The New Pornographers have a new record from which we heard the title-track Challengers (iTunes, Amazon). This episode features clips from Real Time with Bill Maher talking about eating meat and it's effect on the environment (podcast).
First up, Danish disco-revivalists Junior Senior have just released a new (well, in the United States anyway) album which is very listenable called Hey Hey My My Yo Yo (iTunes, Amazon), from which we heard "Take My Time" and a little bit of "Dance, Chance, Romance" just to illustrate how much I think it sounds like "Feelgood By Numbers" by The Go! Team. A second dance-party worthy track followed by France's The Faint-esque electronica act Justice who did "Phantom" from their recent debut album Cross (iTunes, Amazon, SoundFix). Next we heard two songs from the new album ...and the Family Telephone (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon) from Maryland's Page France. First "Hat and Rabbit" then "Here's a Telephone" both of which have lyrics about 'blue eyes' and 'rabbits' as do many other songs on the record. Then two songs from the debut album Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink (iTunes, eMusic) from Los Angeles one-of-a-kind band Bodies of Water, first "Our Friends Appear Like the Dawn" then "I Heard it Sound". And finally, Portland's generous indie pop act The Leaning Towers did their fantastic "Rich Enough to Ignore It" from their The Eleventh Hole EP (download for free here).This episode featured a clip from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (watch it) which featured clips from this interview with Dick Cheney circa 1994. It also featured Rob from The ANC Podcast (subscribe).
(SPECIAL ALL-TALKING THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS, KELLI, AND DANIEL EPISODE!) Like the "30 Hours in Prospect Park" episode from December 2005, on this episode I tell a story. It's about the band They Might Be Giants and how they have intertwined with my life. The music heard in the show is, as follows, in this order whether in the background of my talking or more prominently featured, unless otherwise noted the songs are all by TMBG: "No Plan B" from the bonus 2nd disc from The Else (Amazon) titled Cast Your Pod to the Wind; "Put Your Hand on the Computer" also from Cast Your Pod to the Wind; "The Theme from Flood" from, well, Flood (iTunes, Amazon); "Empty Bottle Blues" from They Got Lost (eMusic, iTunes,, Amazon); "Dig My Grave", "I Palindrome I", and "Turn Around" all from Apollo 18 (iTunes, Amazon); "King of Wingo" recorded from their Dial-A-Song service (; "Lincoln, Washington & That Jefferson Guy" from McSweeneys #6 (Amazon,; "Dig My Grave" from They Might Be Giants Live in NYC!! - 10/14/94 (; "Mr. Me" from their Other Thing (; "Jessica" from Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas) EP (iTunes, Amazon); "Brain Problem Situation" from Cast Your Pod to the Wind (Amazon); "The Famous Polka" from Miscellaneous T (iTunes,, Amazon); "Drinkin'" from Long Tall Weekend (eMusic); "New York City" from Factory Showroom (iTunes, Amazon); "She's An Angel" by Plymouth State University Vocal Order from this free download; "She's An Angel" from They Might Be Giants (iTunes,, Amazon); "Space Suit" and "The Day That Love Came to Play" both from Apollo 18 (iTunes, Amazon); "Louisiana" by John Linnell from the die-cut Montana single (; "The Sun" from Live at Trees in Dallas, TX - 7/18/04 (; "The Other Side of the World" from The Spine Surfs Alone EP (; "We've Got a World That Swings" from S-E-X-X-Y single (Amazon); "Love is Eternity" from Venue Songs (iTunes,; "Siftin'" from the I Palindrome I single (Amazon); "Don't Let's Start" from They Might Be Giants (iTunes,, Amazon); "Be Kind and Gentle" from McSweeneys #6 (Amazon,; "The Rock Show" by Blink 182 as covered by Honeywagon from Grass Stains (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon).The clips of Ira Glass were from Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns) (Amazon, Netflix), and This American Life: Telephone episode which is also where Flansburgh's clip was from. Linnell's clip was from an episode of NPR's Talk of the Nation. And the 1990 songs I sampled briefly were "Step by Step" by The New Kids on the Block, "I Don't Have the Heart" by James Ingram, "Opposite Attracts" by Paula Abdul, "It Must Have Been Love" by Roxette, "Janies Got a Gun" by Aerosmith, and "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer, in case you were wondering, which I can't imagine that you were.
First up, Dallas' The Polyphonic Spree did "Mental Cabaret" from their new album The Fragile Army (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon) which I like a lot less than I wanted to. Next two songs by NYC's indie pop band The Ballet. We heard "I Hate the War" and "In My Head" both from their debut album Mattachine! (iTunes, Website), which can both be downloaded from their site as it turns out. Then two short songs from Sweden's Quit Your Dayjob, first the title track from their album Sweden We Got a Problem (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon), then "Vlado Video". Next two songs from the UK's other Saint Ettiene, that would be Black Box Recorder, doing "Start as You Mean to Go On" and a cover of the old "Seasons in the Sun", both from their b-sides collection The Worst of... (eMusic, Amazon). Then we heard Cat Stevens' "Tea for the Tillerman" from his album by the same name (iTunes, Amazon) as well as from the ending of each episode of the BBC series Extras (Amazon, Netflix S1, Netflix S2) starring Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Ashley Jensen, from which we heard the version of the song performed by Coldplay for the show. And finally Los Angeles' (by way of Scotland) Alexi Murdoch did his great "Song for You" from his debut album of Nick-Drake-esque songs called Time Without Consequence (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon). This weeks show features clips from Extras S2 which just came out on DVD (Amazon, Netflix), as well a clip from Air America Radio's The Rachel Maddow Show about the FDA.
First up, TSiMH favorites, New Zealand's The Brunettes have a new album and EP coming out before too long, and they've posted a new cut on their Myspace page, it's called "Her Hairagami Set" and it's both a departure from their earlier stuff, and also totally great. Next, also from New Zealand, the very fine Phoenix Foundation did "Let Me Die a Woman" from their American debut Horsepower (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon). Then Everything But the Girl pre-curser and quality 80's British girl-group Marine Girls did the song "Friday" from their two-albums-as-one collection Lazy Ways/Beach Party (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon) as a lead-in for the UK's Art Brut who were clearly influenced by them. We heard "People in Love" from their new album It's a Bit Complicated (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon). Then we heard three songs from one of my favorite instrumental records. The band is Canadian ex-rapper Jason Beck. He now lives in Paris and goes by Chilly Gonzales'. But his seemingly-unlikely side project is Chopin-y solo piano music where he goes by simply Gonzales on a record simply called Solo Piano (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon). We heard "Gogol", "Meischeid" and "Salon Salloon". And finally, mostly because I wanted to promote them again now that they are on tour and their 3-track EP is finally available for purchase in Other Music's new digital store, we heard NYC's up-and-coming incrediband Vampire Weekend's "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" mashed-up with Clipse's "Wamp Wamp (What It Do)" by Les Bank Robbers (you can download it from his Myspace page). This episode features a clip from the podcast-edition of New York Times' columnist Paul Krugman's article Authentic? Never Mind (read it, subscribe).
(SPECIAL BEE-BANDS EPISODE!) Lots of bands seem to use the word "Bee" in their names these days. I recently noticed that even non-bee-named bands have been using bees in their songs lately (in just the last few episodes I've played "The Bee of the Bird of the Moth" by TMBG, and a I was a Teenage Satan Worshipper song from their Bees & Honey EP. So this episode singles out some of the better "Bee Bands" of late. First up, TSiMH favorites UK's Bees (formally The Band of Bees) have a new album called Octopus (iTunes, Amazon), from which we heard two stand out tracks: "End of the Street" and "Got to Let Go". Next Russian-born San Fransico-based Angelina Moysov's Persephone's Bees debut album Notes from the Underworld (Amazon) is filled with indie gems containing influences of Japanese pop and old school Of Montreal. We heard two tracks, the single "Nice Day" as well as "Climbing". Then Australia's electronic/rock/hip-hop outfit Bumblebeez 81 did "Pony Ride" from his 2004 album The Printz (iTunes, Amazon). Next Minneapolis Minnesota's Mouthful of Bees just released their debut album The End (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon) and while it's not my favorite thing ever, the opening track "The Now" is pretty darn good. Then Philadelphia's indie folk The Bees and the Birds did "Birds and da Bees" from their quality debut self-titled EP (iTunes, eMusic). And finally Los Angeles' indie-electro-pop makers The Bird and the Bee did "My Fair Lady" from their debut self-titled album (iTunes, Amazon). This episode features bee-related clips from Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine (imdb, Netflix, Amazon) and Real Time with Bill Maher (subscribe, watch the whole clip).
First up, England's indie pop six-piece Lucky Soul did "Get Outta Town!" from their recent debut album The Great Unwanted (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon). Next up TSiMH favorites and a band often compared (but I don't really hear it) to Luck Soul, The Pipettes (maybe cause they're from England too?) did "Really That Bad" from their recently/strangely re-released Your Kisses are Wasted on Me EP (iTunes, Amazon). Then Sweden's awesome and in this care distinctly Cure-esque Shout Out Louds did "Tonight I Have to Leave It" from their EP by the same name (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon) and also from their forthcoming album Our Ill Wills (Amazon) due out in September. Next soul legend Minnie Riperton did "Les Fleur" (which I heard first at res fest in 2001 in the short video montage The History of Gaming) and can be found on any number of records, I pulled it from Petals: The Collection (Amazon) but it can also be found in iTunes and eMusic. Then Italian musician/filmmaker/artist Franco Battiato did a cover of The Rolling Stones' "Ruby Tuesday" as found on his 1999 album Fleur (Amazon) or on the soundtrack (iTunes, Amazon) to the awesome movie Children of Men (imdb, Netflix, Amazon). And finally, a great mashup of Willie Nelson, U2, and MARRS called "Always with You" made by Sweden's Divide & Kreate from the album Best of Bootie 2006 (website). The episode features a clip from the 20th anniversary episode of Fresh Air with Terry Gross (subscribe).
(SPECIAL NEW AND OLD FAVORITES EPISODE!) First up, Brooklyn's indie pop outfit and TSiMH favorites The Ladybug Transistor have a new album called Can't Wait Another Day (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon) coming out on June 5th, but it's availble now if you see their less-than-awesome live show, we heard a song that's better when they play it live substituting the Sax for a Trumpet called "Always on the Telephone". Next we dusted off an old favorite by South African sensation Miriam Makeba known as "Pata Pata" which is available on many records, but I pulled it from the album by the same name (iTunes, Amazon). Then back to New York for a track from The National's solid new album Boxer (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon), we heard "Ada". Then an older cut from Boston's dj BC's fantastic series of Beatles and Beastie Boys mashups known as The Beastles we heard my favorite "Buildin My Life" from his second effort Let it Beast, which unfortunately isn't currently available. Next New York's very own Dawn Landes has a great new single available in iTunes where she cover's Peter, Bjorn & John's huge hit "Young Folks" in the style of bluegrass, and while not part of the Pickin' On... sereis which I love to play stuff from, it's just as good or better. Then North Carolina's oooh-waaah excellent The Rosebuds have a new album out called Night of the Furies (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon), from it we heard "Cemetery Lawn". Next a quickie cut from Nellie McKay's troubled last album Pretty Little Head (iTunes, Amazon) called "Pounce" dedicated to Senator Pink Ears. Then years after forming and putting out multiple EPs TSiMH favorites Voxtrot have finally put out their new self-titled debut album (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon), which is just not nearly as good as it should be, from which we heard "Future Pt. 1". Next Helsinki, Finland's indie electropop band I Was a Teenage Satan Worshipper is supposed to have a new album any day now, but in the meantime we heard "Go Home Pandatron" from their only slightly older Bees & Honey EP (iTunes). And finally Laura Veirs has a great new record out called Saltbreakers (iTunes, Amazon) and from it we heard "Cast a Hook in Me". This week's episode features clips from Patton Oswalt appearing on Late Night with Conan O'Brian.
First up, a fantastic cover of one of my favorite Magnetic Fields' songs, Portland's The Brother Egg did "I Think I Need a New Heart" from a free 23 track album made up entirely of covers of Magnetic Fields songs called Meaningless (myspace). You can download the whole thing there, but since it's kind of a pain to download that way, so I've posted it on my server to make for easier downloading: Click here to download. Next, New York's most exciting up-and-coming band (according to me anyway), Vampire Weekend did two tracks, which will hopefully be made available shortly when they release their first 7" and digital-download EP, but for now enjoy "Oxford Comma" and "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" (stream on their site). One of the things that's great about Vampire Weekend is the way they summon African stylings in their otherwise unrelated-to-Africa music. To best illustrate this, we heard Zimbabwe's The Hallelujah Chicken Run Band with "Mudzimu Ndiringe" from the quality, recently-released collection Take One (eMusic, iTunes, Amazon). Next California's Jazz newcomers The Low Standards did "If You Play Nice" (which has a touch of Nellie McKay in it) from their debut Show Some Leg EP (iTunes). Then TSiMH favorite They Might Be Giants have a brand new album coming out tomorrow exclusively in iTunes (it comes out as a formal more-widely available double-CD in July) called The Else (iTunes)... Unfortunately I can't say I'm loving it. I can say I like at least this song tho, we heard "Bee of the Bird of the Moth" which has the sort of good lyrics typified by TMBG. Finally, another post-posthumous Elliott Smith record was just released, this one is a two-disc collection of 24 rarities called New Moon (eMusic, iTunes, Amazon). From disc one, we heard the previously unreleased "Angel in the Snow". This episode features clips from the past two week's episodes of FAIR's Counterspin, about the media's reaction to the 1st Democratic vs. the 1st Republican Presidential Debates.