Season 3: Archives
First up, brand new, awesome, music from Portland's The Decemberists, we heard "Sons and Daughters" from their new album The Crane Wife (iTunes, Amazon). Next was the UK's new indie rock sunshine kids The Fratellis, doing "Flathead" from their debut album Costello Music (iTunes UK, Amazon US Pre-order). Then Beck did his most-likely-top-40-but-I-don't-care song "Think I'm in Love" from his new record The Information (iTunes, Amazon). Followed by Los Angeles' indie rock band The Solids, who have yet to release an album, but have plenty of, ahem, solid tracks for free on their site, including starwars cover "Ewok Celebration". And finally, Brooklyn's low-fi indie band Elephant Parade did "Goodbye" from their debut Bedroom Recordings EP (order from their site).This week's show features a clip from Realtime with Bill Maher on HBO about right-wing "think tanks" who are ALWAYS wrong (it can be seen here).
(SPECIAL GUEST-HOSTED EPISODE WITH LING!) On this week's show, my friend Ling brings his fascinating tastes in "antique pop" to my fine TSiMH listeners! First he played Ameircan singer Ruth Etting doing "Button Up Your Overcoat" from the collection Two Cents a Dance (Amazon). Next Helen Kane (aka Betty Boop) did "That's My Weakness Now" recorded in 1928 and found on the collection Boop-Boop-A-Doop: 27 Original Mono Recordings 1928-1951 (Amazon). Next Germany's Lizzi Waldmüller did "Du Hast Glück bei den Frau'n, Bel Ami" (roughly translated meaning: "You Have Luck with the Ladies, Bel Ami" which can be found on Was Eine Frau Bei Nacht Verspricht (iTunes, Then Chinese-born, Japanese-voiced Li Xiang Lan (aka Yamaguchi Yoshiko) did "Ye Lai Xiang". Next Austrio-Hungarian-born Marta Eggerth did "Was Kümmert Mich die Ganze Welt" (translated meaning "What is the Whole World to Me?") from the collection Saemtliche veroeffentlichte Schallplatten 1931-1933 ( Next another German, Eva Busch did "Gruß und Kuß" (translated meaning "Regard and Kiss") from a collection called Zauberlied ( Then Zhou Xuan did "Ye Shanghai" (meaning "Shanghai Nights") recorded in 1946 and can be found on Romantic Chinese Hits of the 1930s and 1940s (iTunes). And finally Rina Ketty did her 1938 song "J'attendrai" from Les Etoiles de la Chanson (iTunes,
(SPECIAL CANADA EPISODE!) First up Vancouver indie pop outfit The Salteens did "You Stood Out from the Crowd" from their new album Let Go of Your Bad Days (iTunes, Amazon). They have a new record coming out soon, so brace yourself. Next popular Canadian front man Carl Newman of New Pornographers fame acting in his A.C. Newman persona did "Secretarial" from his album The Slow Wonder (iTunes, Amazon). Then Vancouver's alt-country radiogram did a great cover of New Order's "Love Vigilantes" from their album All the Way Home (iTunes, Amazon). Next long-time favorites Cub also from Vancouver did "My Chinchilla" from either their Mauler (Amazon) or Betti-Cola (iTunes, Amazon) album. Then a band not from Canada, but rather Georgia, however, as I spent the weekend in Montreal, we heard Of Montreal with "Requiem for O.M.M.2 (United States of Electronica Remix)" one of the better remixes found on their recently released (if sub-par) remixes album Satanic Twins (iTunes). Next Toronto's Stars did "Calendar Girl" from their most recent album Set Yourself On Fire (iTunes, Amazon). Then Montreal's Columbus did "Free Girl" from their Debut EP (scratch records). And finally Vancouver Nights, which is Sara Lapsley who hails from — you'll never guess — Vancouver, did "Two Spirited" from her self-titled debut album (iTunes, Amazon). This episode contains clips of Democratic strategist Skip Schecter taking some GOP hack behind the shed and spanking her. Watch the whole clip here. There is also a clip from MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann where they play a montage of ridiculous GOP finger-pointing about Mark Foley. Watch it all here.
First up, NYC's The Hong Kong did "Tongue Tied" from their forthcoming Slow Motion Gets Around album, but you can download it now from their website. And be sure to check out the video which co-stars Dean Wareham of TSiMH favorite Luna fame. Next Brooklyn's Ben Kweller did his decidedly "Falling"-esque song "Until I Die" from his new self-titled album (iTunes, Amazon). Then the notoriously overlooked late-60's pop band The Free Design did "An Elegy" which can be found on the collection The Redesigned Originals, Recorded by The Free Design (1967-70) (iTunes). Then, just for the hell of it, Jennifer Trynin did the hit "Better Than Nothing" from her 1994 album Cockamamie (iTunes, Amazon). She also has a recent book out called Everything I'm Cracked Up to Be (Amazon). And finally the incredibly Billie Holiday-sounding Madeleine Peyroux did a great cover of Elliott Smith's "Behind the Bars" from her 2004 album Careless Love (iTunes, Amazon). She also has a brand new album that's worth checking out called Half the Perfect World (iTunes, Amazon). This episode features clips from the audio book version of F.U.B.A.R. America's Right-Wing Nightmare (iTunes, Amazon) by Sam Seder and Stephen Sherrill read by Sam Seder, largely because of the recent news involving Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL).
First up TSiMH favorites Toronto's The Hidden Cameras have a new album Awoo (iTunes, Amazon) which came out recently and we heard two short songs from it: "Learning the Lie" and "Wandering". Next fellow Canadians Vancouver's The Organ who sound amazingly like an all-girl Smiths did "Brother" from their quality 2004 album Grab That Gun (iTunes, Amazon). Then we heard several songs by Maggie Gyllenhaal from the paltry soundtrack (iTunes, Amazon) for the great movie Happy Endings (Amazon, IMDB, Netflix). We heard "I Can't Wait", "How Lucky Am I", and a fantastic cover of the Billy Joel classic "Just the Way You Are" (iTunes). We also heard a clip of Los Angeles' Sign of the Fox who originally crafted "How Lucky Am I" for their self-titled album (iTunes, Amazon).
First up New Jersey's predominant indie rock band Yo La Tengo did "Mr Tough" from their brand new album I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass (iTunes, Amazon). Next New York City's Brazilian Girls did "Last Call" from their brand new album Talk To La Bomb (iTunes, Amazon). Then Austin's veteran singer/songwriter Sara Hickman did a fantastic cover of Tears for Fears "Mad World" (tho, it sounds more like a cover of Gary Jules' version from Donnie Darko) from her new album Motherlode (iTunes, Amazon). And finally fellow Texans, tho from Dallas, The Polyphonic Spree did a great cover of Nirvana's "Lithium" from a new EP called Wait (iTunes). This week's episode features a clip from Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, about cable news' use of the question mark. Watch the whole clip at One Good Move.
(Special Music Released on 9/11/2001 Episode) Curiously, several of my most eagerly anticipated and favorite records of 2001 were released that year's most famous day: 9/11. On this weeks show, we listen to music I bought on 9/11/2001. First up, California's fantastic ex-band Beulah does "Cruel Minor Change" from their stellar album The Coast if Never Clear (iTunes, Amazon). Then my favorite band Brooklyn's own They Might Be Giants did their lovely cover of Georgie Fame's "Yeah! Yeah!" from their album Mink Car (Amazon). Followed by the great UK electronic group Groove Armada who's "Super Stylin'" was found on their Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) (iTunes, Amazon). Tho we heard the "radio edit" which can be found on the Single (Amazon). Then Ben Folds, who's solo career launched on 9/11, did "Annie Waits" from his quality record Rockin' the Suburbs (iTunes, Amazon) Ben Folds also, by the way, has a new collection of recent work coming out soon. And finally Austin's The American Analog Set did the title-track from their album Know by Heart (iTunes, Amazon). This week's episode features the poem called "For the Falling Man" by Annie Farnsworth read by Garrison Keillor for The Writers Almanac, as well as a notorious clip from the American Taliban's own Jerry Falwell about who was responsible for the attacks of that day. Also, it was The Beatles' album With the Beatles that was released November 22nd, 1963.
First up New York City's Ratatat did "Wildcat" from their brand new album Classics (iTunes, Amazon) which I think is a notably better album than their previous one. Next London-based Frenchie Fabienne Delsol (known more commonly as 'the lead singer for The Bristols') did "When My Mind is Not Live" from her album No Time for Sorrows (iTunes, Amazon) which despite how it sounds came out in 2004 not the mid-60's. Then the Brazilian phenomenon that is CSS (not 'Cascading Style Sheets', but 'Cansei de Ser Sexy' which is Portuguese for 'I'm Tired of Being Sexy') did their superb hit "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death from Above" from their self-titled debut album (iTunes, Amazon). And finally Sweden's Peter, Bjorn and John did "Young Folks" which features former lead singer for The Concretes, Victoria Bergsman (who has a new project called Taken By Trees) from their new album Writer's Block (iTunes, Amazon). iTunes has a new, silly, set of playlists for "back to school" so you youngin's can know what clique you belong in. Apparently TSiMH is in the "hipster" clique (as two songs from this week's very show are in said playlist, along with many songs I've played in the past), tho I seriously doubt that label myself. For instance, I don't own any white belts at all. This week's episode features a clip of Geogre W. Bush being retarded. Watch it.
(Note: Kelli "Heartily Approves" of this episode of TSiMH.) First up, Brooklyn's unique One Ring Zero did a fairly non-representative track called "This Ain't No Love Song" from their brand new record Wake Them Up (Amazon, iTunes). Then SiMH favorite Norway's Erlend Øye has a new release, the band this time round is The Whitest Boy Alive, we heard "Fireworks" from the new record Dreams (iTunes, Amazon). Next Sweden's Teddybears have reinvented themselves with a new record coming out in a couple of weeks called Soft Machine (Amazon) which features guest appearances by a wide variety of peeps, including Iggy Pop who performs the song "Punkrocker" which is one of two tracks available now in iTunes. Then France's Nouvelle Vague did a great cover of Echo and the Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon" from their brand new, purchase-worthy album Bande a Part (iTunes, Amazon). And finally, another song from the new One Ring Zero album, this one more representative of their sound, and also very good: "Here Come the Mannequins." This week's episode features a clip from Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, about Bush's summer (watch the whole un-edited clip at One Good Move), as well as a clip from the August 22nd episode of The Rachel Maddow Show on Air America Radio about the firing of an 81 year old Sunday School teacher.
First up, Australia's Treetops did their single "Gospel" from the EP by the same name (Amazon). Next was Albany's The Gazetteers doing "Bedroom Community" from their debut album Territory Songs (iTunes, Amazon). (Note: you can download this song for free from their label's site.) Then Minnesota's indie pop/folk band The Owls did "Air" from their album Our Hopes and Dreams (iTunes, Amazon). Next Portland's Boy Crazy did "Stark Street" from their 2001 album Foreign Words (iTunes, Amazon). And finally, since I have a soft-spot in my heart for the Muppets, I thought I should let you know about something pretty amazing that my friend Jodi alerted me to. An online Muppet music archive! They have TONS of Muppet music which has been out of print for decades, that has never been released on CD at all, and more. And all of it is just free to download, for as long as they don't get shut down I guess. Much of it is cheesy and doesn't really hold up to the test of time, but other stuff is pure genius. We heard a favorite of mine, a cover of Billy Joel's classic "New York State of Mind" performed by Rolf the Dog on Ol' Brown Ears is Back (go to download).