(extremely special, extremely weird, extremely long, all-talking episode called: 30 hours in prospect park) In this highly unusual episode of The Sounds in My Head, I tell the story of why I spent 30 hours in Prospect Park this Fall. It involves me and my girlfriend's cat, Senator Pink Ears, a poodle, the police, some firemen, a super hero, blood, and oh so much more. You don't want to miss it! But be prepared to pay attention for about an hour for this episode of The Sounds in My Head which is far more like This American Life. The video Kelli references can be seen here. The Music I talk over is as follows, in this order: "Cat Scratch Fever" by Moog Cookbook, "An Evening in Park Slope" (iTunes) by 33.3, "The Pink Panther Theme" (iTunes) by Henry Mancini, "Fuzzy" (iTunes) by The Incredible Moses Leroy, "Kitty's Waltz" by Caleb Sampson, "Fall Two" (iTunes) by Matt Pond PA, "Wild Cats of Kilkenny" by The Pogues, "Up a Tree Again (import version)" by Looper, "Climb the Ladder" (iTunes) by Of Montreal, "Cat O'Nine Tails" (iTunes) by Combustible Edison, "Dick Tracy" (iTunes) by The Ventures, "Kitty" (iTunes) by The Presidents of the USA, "Big Green Tree" (iTunes) by The Essex Green, "Running Meredith" by Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, "Sleeping Pill" by Luna, "Sparkplug Minuet" by Mark Mothersbaugh, "Good Morning Good Morning" by The Beatles, "Kitty's Waltz" by Caleb Sampson, "Impossible Mission" (iTunes) by Danny Elfman, "Main Titles (The Dick Tracy Theme)" (iTunes) by Danny Elfman, "Wild Cats of Kilkenny" by The Pogues, "Christmas Time is Here (instrumental version)" (iTunes) by Vince Guaraldi