(SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EPISODE!) We start with some excellent mashups from last years A Very Bootie Christmas album (FREE download!), which is not only a must-have, but also free making it that much better! It was hard for me to pick what to play from it, but ultimately went with "Are You Gonna Stop the White Xmas" by Bad Tattoo and "Christmas in Boston" by Go Home Productions. Next we heard two songs from 2 of the 3 Hark! The Filthy Angels Sing (FREE download!) christmas compilations which can also be downloaded in their entirety for free we heard a "Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight)" (a Ramones cover) by Britain's Helen Love and "December Will Be Magic Again" (a Kate Bush cover) by Wojtek Godzisz also from the UK (a band i would never play if that song weren't completely unlike anything else he's ever shat out). Then California's The Bird and the Bee did "Carol of the Bells" a single track released just this year and given away free in iTunes for a while. Then TSiMH favorite Norway's Erlend Øye did "Last Christmas" a partial Wham cover from an out of print compilation called Seasonal Greetings (Amazon) but is fairly easy to find on the internets. Then UK's The Puppini Sisters did "Jingle Bells" from their EP by the same name which came out this year (iTunes, Amazon). Next was Boston's Aberdeen City doing a cover of one of my favorite xmas songs, Low's "Just Like Christmas" (FREE download!). Then the UK's KIDS Allstarz did "Merry Xmas Everybody" (a Slade cover), from the record label compilation The Best KIDS Christmas Album in the World Ever Ever Ever!!! (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon). And finally, one last free xmas download, this one offered by NYC's own Nellie McKay and called "Christmas Dirge" (FREE download!). This episode features clips from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (Netflix, Amazon). Other free christmas mashup albums are offered by Boston's DJ BC here and here.