First up, the Jean-Benoit Dunckel half of the awesomeness that is Air has released a self-titled solo album (iTunes, Amazon) under the name Darkel, we heard "My Own Sun". Next was London's decided Swedish sounding Plastic Operator with "Folder" from an EP by the same name (eMusic, iTunes). Then from Sweden/France Envelopes did "I Don't Like It" from their debut album Demon (iTunes, Amazon). Next Austin's Voxtrot did "Trouble" from their new (see, they keep putting out EPs and as a result, I keep putting them on my show) Your Biggest Fan (eMusic, iTunes, Amazon) EP. And finally we heard a slower song from Darkel called "How Brave You Are" from the same debut album (iTunes, Amazon) as "My Own Sun". This week's show features a clip from Realtime with Bill Maher on HBO about the lack of a REAL liberal voice in American political leadership. ALSO: Check out the great blog Candied Pop! ALSO 2: My new favorite way to buy music is with my killer DRM-Free monthly subscription to eMusic! I pay ~$16/month and can download 90 well-encoded MP3s! So, check out eMusic now! (I discovered after recording the audio where I say I'm not being paid that there actually IS a way for me to get paid! So sign up with one of my eMusic links (like that one), get your free tracks, and whether or not you continue your subscription I get 6 big dollars!)