First up, ex-Concrete Victoria Bergsman's new band Taken By Trees has released their new album Open Field (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon), from which we heard "Hours Pass Like Centuries". Next Brooklyn's own Les Chauds Lapins (who do wonderful renditions of French classics) did two songs from their debut album Parlez-Moi D'amour (CD Baby), we heard "Swing Troubadour" and "Mon Rêve C'etait Vous". Then Berlin's Stereo Total did "Baby Revolution" from their recent album Paris-Berlin (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon). Next Scotland's indie rock the 1990's (not to be confused with a band I played a while ago caled 1900's) did two good songs from their remarkably hit-and-miss debut album Cookies (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon). Then Sweden's Envelopes did "Smoke in the Desert, Eating the Sand, Hiding in the Grass" from their forthcoming new record, and current single by the same name (iTunes, eMusic). And finally Brooklyn's Elizabeth Harper who I played not too long ago has a new EP The Covent of the Immaculate Heart which contains a remix of her fantastic song "Let Me Take You Out" which I played previously. We heard that remix, perhaps consider picking up her self-titled album (iTunes). This episode features clips from CNN's The Situation Room about Bush seeking billions more for his Iraq adventure just after vetoing funding for children's healthcare (watch the whole clip here). And a series of clips from Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update about the latest gay-hating-gay-republican Larry Craig (watch it here).