First up, the UK's Patrick Wolf with the excellent title track from his otherwise decent, most recent album The Magic Position (iTunes, Amazon). Next was two tracks from the new album from Sweden's Shout Out Louds, namely the intensely-Cure-like "Normandie" and the also great "South America" both from Our Ill Wills (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon MP3). Then was London-by-way-of-Canada's Caribou (formerly known as Manitoba) with two excelent songs "Melody Day" and "Sandy" both from the fantastic new album Andorra (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon MP3). Another TSiMH favorite The Go! Team's new album Proof of Youth (iTunes, Amazon) is out, and while it's perhaps not AS good as their debut, it's pretty great. We heard "Doing it Right" and "Patricia's Moving Picture". Next was a new song from NYC's Nellie McKay's new album Obligatory Villagers (iTunes, Amazon MP3) called "Identity Theft" which is better than most of the songs on the new album, but still not her best work. And finally Brooklyn's own Beirut's new album The Flying Club Cup (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon) is out, and from it we heard "In the Mausoleum".This episode featured a clip from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart informing Bush he needn't feel obligated to provide charity soundbytes for their show. Also were clips from Real Time with Bill Maher which you can watch here (podcast).